Dodgeville Bluesfest

Illinois Bluesfest

Tawas Bay Bluesfest

UK Junk Club

"Weld is a master of power driving rhythm. His lead is a head shaking conflagration of skin crawling blues"
Mississippi Valley Blues Festival

"With a slide guitar that cries out like a rooster at dawn and a drum beat that pulsates like a neon light flashing on 43rd St., Dave Weld and the Imperial Flames resurrect the kind of raw, slide electric blues in the genre of Elmore James, JB Hutto, and Hound Dog Taylor"
Dave Whiteis, Chicago Blues Festival

"You guys are great!! Fantastic, I loved it!"
Bonnie Raitt

"This is some tough stuff, which is just the way it's supposed to be!"
Bruce Iglauer, Alligator Records

"The guy plays like he was born with a guitar in his hands....on top of the bar, out the door and back in again, back to the stage, all without missing a lick"
Jazz and Blues News

"Dave Weld is a spiritual descendant of JB Hutto...a formidable alliance...a show with more than its share of great moments"
Montreal International Jazz Festival

"Due to the impressive variety and high musicianship, the often exuberant set is highly recommended to blues fans"

"Dave Weld and the Imperial Flames are my favorite blues band"
John McCarron, Chicago Tribune

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