4th Liquid Johnny's, Milwaukee
7th Franchesco's Rockford
8th Sahara, Rockford
12th private party Lake Country Bar Assn
15th Peek Inn, Chicago
22nd, Grant Park, Rockford
28th Magic touch, Chicago
29th, New Mill, Rockford

4th & 5th Pete Millers, Wheeling
8th College of Lake County
11th Franchesco's Rockford
14th Appleton WI
25th United Center, Chicago
26th Katerinas, Chicago

10th St Pauls, Chicago
11th Sahara, Rockford
12th Grant Park, Rockford
17th Pete Millers, Wheeling
18th Gold Note Woodstock,
19th Cousins, Mt Morris
25th Corby's South Bend
29th Liquid Johnny's Milwaukee

1st Franchesco's, Rockford
8th Magic Touch Chicago
9th Debs Little Italy Rockford
15th Pops, Highwood
16th Cousins, Mt Morris
22nd, Pops, Highwood
23rd Mikes Roudhouse, Beloit
29th Magic Touch, Chicago
30th Liquid Johnny's Milwaukee

5th, Pete Millers, Evanston
6th & 7th Pete Millers Wheeling
12th Pete Millers Evanston
13th private party, Skokie
14th Bebop Cafe Chicago
19th Pete Millers Evanston
20th Franchesco's, Rockford
21st, Cousins, Mt Morris
22nd, Benifit for Africa, Mendota
26th Pete Millers Evanston
28th Katerina's, Chicago
30th, Hyatt Regency Chicago

3rd, Magic Touch
4th, Debs Little Italy, Rockford
9th, Pete Millers Wheeling
10th, Landmark, Northbrook
15th, Candy Convention,McCormick Place Chicago
17th & 18th Pete Millers Wheeling
23rd Pete Millers Wheeling
24th Redfish Chicago
25th Childrens Home Aid Benifit, Rcokford
26th Franchesco's, Rockford
30th Taste of Chicago Grant Park,

2nd, Bebop Cafe, Chicago
7th, Pete Millers Evanston
8th, Franchesco's Rockford
9th, Debs Little Italy, Rockford
15th, Pops, Highwood
16th, Rockford Park District
20th, Navy Pier Beer Garden Chicago
22nd, Chubby Rain, Rockford
23rd, Dodgeville Blues Fest, WI
25th thru 30th ENGLAND Maryport Blues festival, 3 club dates

4th, Sinissippi Band Shell, Rockford
5th, Buddy Guy's Chicago
6th, Cousin's Mt Morris
7th, Halsted Markets Days, Chicago
12th, Memphis Smoke, Royal Oak MI
13th, Navy Pier Ber Garden
19th, Pops Highwood
20th, private Party
23rd, Liquid Johnny's Millwaukee
26th, Franchesco's, Rockford
27th, Debs Little Italy, Rockford

1st, Pops Highwood
3rd, private party
4th, Navy Pier Beer Garden, Chicago
9th, Pete Millers Wheeling
10th, private party
16th, Franchescos, Rockford
17th, & 18th Tattoo You Convention, Holiday Inn Chicago
23rd, Pops Highwood
24th, Magic Touch, Chicago
28th, Dog Rescue Benifit, Chicago
30th, Mikes Rooadhouse, Beloit

1st, Grand Opening Prarie Gardens, Mendota
7th, Corby's South Bend
8th, Debs Little Italy
14th, Pops HIghwood
15th, Wavery Gold Note Woodstock
18th, Liquid Johnny's Millwaukee
21st, Franchesco's Rockford
28th, Dog benefit, Chicago
29th, Green Acres Country Club, Glenview

3rd, Pete Millers Wheeling
4th, Magic Touch Chicago
5th, Sahara Rockford
10th, Pete Millers Evanston
11th, Franchesco's Rockford
12th, Debs Little Italy Rockford
17th, Pete Millers Wheeling
19th, Wheel Inn Beloit
25th, Pops Highwood
26th, Wavery Gold Note Woodstock

1st, Pete Millers, Wheeling
2nd, Stevens Steakhouse, Gurnee
6th, Liquid Johnny's Milwaukee
8th, Pete Millers Eveanston
10th, Prairire Gardens, Memdota
15th, Pete MIllers Wheeling
16th, Redfish, Chicago
22nd, Pete Millers Evanston
23rd, Midway Airport Chicago, Pops Highwood
29th, Pete Millers Wheeling
30th, Corby's South Bend, 31st Hyde Park First Night New Years Count Down for the tenth year!
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